Dark Age of Camelot – PC

Dark Age of Camelot - PC

You don’t need 20/20 hindsight to see why the successful early-October launch of Dark Age of Camelot was such a significant event in PC gaming. It’s safe to say that this impressive online role-playing game marks the dawning of a new era in a gaming genre that has steadily gained prominence since Ultima Online made national headlines in 1997. Developed by the experienced but heretofore little-known Mythic Entertainment, Dark Age of Camelot squarely takes aim at other popular online role-playing games–namely, Sony and Verant’s definitive EverQuest, Microsoft and Turbine’s Asheron’s Call, and Funcom’s recent sci-fi-themed Anarchy Online–and, by and large, it blows them away. Even if you’ve already invested hundreds of hours into one or more previous online role-playing games, you’ll find that a brush with Dark Age of Camelot–let alone countless sleepless nights with it–will justify making the switch to Mythic’s game. That’s because, through and through, Dark Age of Camelot is solid, well designed, interesting, and rewarding. It’s not for everyone–like most online RPGs, it demands much more of your time than the average game, and you won’t enjoy it as much if you can’t commit yourself to spending hours on end in its sprawling world. Regardless, Dark Age of Camelot has a great concept, is already teeming with tens of thousands of players, and promises to keep getting better.

Those thousands have no use for this review–they’re enjoying the game already. This long review is best suited to those who’ve yet to decide whether Dark Age of Camelot is worth its retail price, the time commitment, and the monthly fee (approximately $10, payable by credit card or numerous other methods) for the service after the first free month. Based on extensive research and play time, this review is intended to empirically evaluate every significant aspect of Dark Age of Camelot, and, in doing so, to imply the broad scope of the game. Rest assured, you wouldn’t have spare time for too many other games if you get into Dark Age of Camelot–but we’ll suggest that such a sacrifice would be worthwhile. Furthermore, note that this review is based on Dark Age of Camelot as it exists to date–less than a month after its release. The nature of online games is one of constant change, which means that, over time, some of the following statements may no longer be applicable. In light of this, it’s important to try to anticipate how a game like Dark Age of Camelot might change over time, using all available evidence to support the predictions.

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