DIRT Showdown – PC

DIRT Showdown - PC

There’s a spectacle to Dirt Showdown that flies in the face of racing tradition: the jumps, the drifts, the squealing doughnuts, and the blinding flash of fireworks. With each crumpled bumper and shattered windscreen, a vast arena crowd roars, eager to be wowed not with the shaving of valuable seconds from a lap time, but with pyrotechnic-laden displays of driving that are as much about showmanship and destruction as they are about skilful precision. It’s an intoxicating mix that forgoes the difficulty of simulation for a thrilling and beautifully presented arcade ride.

There’s nothing like a good smash-up to relieve stress.
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The biggest difference between Showdown and its predecessors is that the handling is surprisingly forgiving. You can whip your car around the tightest of corners without ever easing off the accelerator, while even the most dramatic twirls of the steering wheel don’t send you hurtling headfirst towards a barrier like they used to. But there’s still a balance to be found. The skill lies in the timing of your turns and the judicious tapping of your hand brake and boost to perform impressive drifts and show-stopping doughnut rings. It’s a dramatically different feel, but one that lends itself beautifully to the events at hand.

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