DriveClub – PC

DriveClub PC

A lot of racing-simulation games put equal emphasis on drizzling the car porn along with the actual driving experience. Now the genre’s new core pillar is social interaction. DriveClub, from Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios, earned a staring role at Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement event for an attention to fine detail that bordered on outright lust … and a focus on collaborative, asyncronous gameplay that drops you into an actual racing team of friends facing off against other player teams. “We’re making the game we’ve always wanted to make,” said game director Matt Southern.

Only it seems Eutechnyx already made it, and it’s called Auto Club Revolution.

“They overlap 100 percent,” says Darren Jobling, the owner and chief operating officer at Eutechnyx. “We have real-time multiplayer and asynchronous multiplayer modes, and both are vitally important to the whole experience.”

“Our clans are the auto clubs,” he adds. “These are groups where gamers can get together, socialize, and combine their efforts to progress through the game and compete with other clubs.”

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