Escape From Tarkov – PS4

Escape From Tarkov PS4

Escape From Tarkov is a “MMO story-driven hard” held in the Russian city of Tarkov, who for some reason was cordoned off by the authorities and is now a ruined battlefield invaded by private and local raiders military companies . It combines elements of shooters and RPGs, and also, as you can see in this “looting and inventory” trailer, looks much like STALKER.

The video is not the most action-packed showcase ever, but it is intended to demonstrate certain aspects of the two fists of the game, such as inventory management, weapon modification, and interaction with the environment . If shooting is more your thing, a video “Action Gameplay” published last month (and embedded below) has a lot of that. Both are from pre-alpha build of the game, but they still look pretty good.

Escape From Tarkov is an upcoming FPS open world where players complete assignments scripted in a city ravaged by war, while negotiating with care encounters with other players.

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    Ok, I loved the game.

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    thanks for the upload mate ha ha ha

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    Thank you for the game, it works fine.

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    Cool Good Speed THX alot Friend ?

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