Star Fox Zero – PS3

Star Fox Zero PS3

You spend most of your time in the cockpit of your Arwing, but Zero has some new tricks up its sleeve when it comes to vehicles. The first is the Walker, which is a bipedal mech-like chicken you use to fight on the ground and within the interior spaces. It is actually a transformation of the Arwing, you turn on the fly by pressing a button. Walker can sprint, hover, and dodge to a moment’s notice. It is useful in a pinch, but it does not hold a candle to the Arwing. You also have access to a slow, drone copter as in Gyrowing. It packs a little robot attached that you can cut and navigate small spaces to access computer terminals. Once lowered, you look through the eyes of the robot using the GamePad screen to locate your target and hack away – a process that is more tedious than anything else.

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