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Carnivore Studio has revealed some early footage of its upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita survival horror game Kodoku. You can see it above but note that Carnivore Studio writes that it shows “lots of temporary things running in the… Read More »

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Kick and Fennick is a a mellow platform adventure about Kick, a boy with a very big gun, and a small, flying robot named Fennick. Dare great heights, and time your jumps just right to accomplish amazing feats.   Download… Read More »

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Joe Danger, the world’s most determined stuntman, returns in Joe Danger: The Movie: The Video Game! This sequel will allow players to create their own action film scene by scene, performing every stunt themselves. On the set of the greatest… Read More »

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Joe has gained favor with a movie director in Hollywood and is brought on to perform all the stunts on set. The movie consists entirely of cliche action stunts and so he must perform chase scenes on mini carts, skis,… Read More »

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A nefarious supervillain named “Doctor Maybe” (a pun on the name of Dr. Julius No, the villain in Dr. No) has overtaken the ruthless megacorporation Acme Oil Company, and is not only filling the oceans with radiation and toxic waste… Read More »

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is a raising simulation and rhythm video game developed by Idea Factory, Compile Heart and Tamsoft and published by Compile Heart in Japan and NIS America in North America and Europe exclusively for the Sony PlayStation… Read More »

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Jabberwock Island – once a popular tourist destination, this now uninhabited island remains oddly pristine. You and your classmates at the elite Hope’s Peak Academy have been brought to this island by your super-cute teacher for a “lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school… Read More »

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The Deviants are a boisterous bunch of characters who have crash landed on the Whoman world whilst being pursued by the evil Botz. The player must help gather the Deviants (who are just out to have a good time), protect… Read More »

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Considering Virtua Tennis was once the king of tennis games, its latest iteration is particularly disappointing, doing little to keep up with competition from 2K’s excellent Top Spin 4. The graphical tweaks are nice, and the new minigames are fun,… Read More »

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Alas, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, your time is spent. We had some fun times–remember when Sentinel was steamrolling everyone?–but now it’s over. Developer Capcom has dug you an early grave to make way for Ultimate Marvel… Read More »

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There was a time when the Dynasty Warriors franchise wasn’t just exciting for its devoted fan base. Mowing down hundreds of enemies in Dynasty Warriors 2 was a good, early display of the PlayStation 2’s power. Since then, however, the… Read More »

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Set six months after the events of the previous game, Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen lets players step into the shoes of Zen, a master assassin, as he slips through the darkness in a story of betrayal and intrigue set… Read More »

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People who have quickly glanced over Reality Fighters, the new augmented reality fighting game for Sony’s PS Vita handheld, could be forgiven for thinking it’s just a glorified tech demo. This has lead many to promptly disregard it. That’s a… Read More »

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The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but if you have your way, it will be paved with the remains of your enemies. So it is in Army Corps of Hell, a hybrid strategy action game and… Read More »

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Unit 13 is designed for fast action, hard-hitting, third-person shooter gameplay with dual-analog precision and unique touch gameplay on the PlayStation Vita. Players to move quickly into action, choosing from one of six Operatives with unique abilities to tackle 36… Read More »