Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary XBOX 360

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary XBOX 360

If you’ve ever played an Xbox in your life, then odds are that you’ve played Halo: Combat Evolved, which launched the system and captivated millions of players. But the question isn’t “How good was it then?” It’s “How good is it now?” The answer: It’s still really, really good. The campaign tells an intriguing story full of fluid action, fierce enemies, stirring music, and thrilling moments. The overhauled visuals look great; flipping between the classic and remastered presentation modes not only makes you realize what a thorough and faithful job the artists have done, but it also makes you appreciate how well the original art design stands the test of time. Six updated multiplayer maps and one new Firefight map round out this discount package with some competitive and cooperative fun. Thus, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary provides a great way to relive the past, as well as an exciting and rewarding adventure that holds up very well in today’s shooter scene.

The story of what happened when humanity first encountered a halo is still an interesting one, even if you’ve heard it before. It starts with a crash landing, followed by a race to discover what this strange place is all about. The emergence of the Flood and the revelation of the halo’s true purpose build the momentum that culminates in the desperate deeds you must perform to avert galactic disaster. New terminals in each level trigger cutscenes that offer new perspectives on characters in the game and hints about Halo lore we might see in future games. These add some welcome depth to the narrative landscape, though they only show up when you play with the updated presentation. The campaign is an exciting ride that is enhanced by the development of Master Chief and Cortana’s relationship, as well as the entertaining ally and enemy chatter that helped build Master Chief into one of the most enduring video game icons.

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