Hitman Episode 6 – Hokkaido – PC Torrent Download

Hitman Episode 6 Hokkaido PC

Outside, where the building itself clings to the mountain, there’s heavy snow, rocky perches, and a grand view. Fireworks pop and paper lanterns drift over the distant town in the valley below, which the hospital’s cable car stretches over. Inside, the place is a fusion of a distinctly Japanese luxury hotel and ice-white operating theatres and observation rooms. Different zones are divided by security doors linked to ID tags embedded in clothing, and this places a big focus on finding the right disguises to suit your planned approach.

In an added twist 47 can’t take anything with him into this mission, so any weapons or equipment you want to use will have to be procured on-site. This made total sense to me initially, as 47’s default way into the hospital is under an assumed identity as a new patient, but became a bit of an arbitrary and pointless hurdle later on, once I’d unlocked other mission starting positions. If I’m planning to sneak 47 into the building from the hiking trail, dressed as a ninja, I don’t know why he can’t carry a few coins or a lockpick.

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