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Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming role-playing video game developed by Warhorse Studios. It is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire, with a focus on historically accurate and realistic content. The game is scheduled for release in 2017 for Microsoft Windows. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been confirmed as well.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be a single-player experience with branching quest lines and a highly interactive world encouraging emergent gameplay. Kingdom Come will feature period-accurate armor and clothing, combat techniques, and real-world castles recreated with the assistance of architects and historians. The game will also contain period music recorded by Czech masters that were taken note for note from medieval song books.

Kingdom Come takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia, part of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown and modern-day Czech Republic. Specifically, Act 1 is based on the real-world area between Sázava and Rataje nad Sázavou. The game begins in 1403.

The old king has died and his heir lacks the power to secure his throne. The new king’s brother seizes this opportunity to kidnap the king and pillage his lands, seeking his own advancement. The mentioned kings being the historical figures Charles IV, Wenceslaus IV and Sigismund.

The game will follow the son of a blacksmith, whose family has been killed by the invading army. The protagonist seeks revenge and will ultimately strive to restore the rightful ruler to the throne and order to the land.

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