LawBreakers – PS3

LawBreakers PS3

Boss Key Productions announced at GDC last week that its upcoming game, LawBreakers, will no longer be free to play and will be a Steam exclusive, according to PC Gamer.

During a panel at GDC, members of Boss Key Productions explained why LawBreakers will no longer be free to play when it launches this summer.

Art Director Tramell Isaac said that during development, the group’s main question became “how do we get money?” rather than “how do we make a great game?” Isaac said this was a distraction during development.

CEO Cliff Bleszinski had a similar sentiment. He said Boss Key “didn’t want to go down that road of buying energy, or other sleazy tactics” to make money and opted for a standard pay-to-play pricing.

Although a price for the game was not announced, Bleszinzki mentioned that there could be a middle-ground between free to play and a standard $60 price tag, implying that the price could fall somewhere in between.

Members of the studio also announced that LawBreakers will be a Steam exclusive and will not use its own launcher due to players’ frustration with taking extra steps in order to play a game.

As it stands, LawBreakers now has its own Steam page, though there is no purchase option at the moment.

Furthermore, the game’s logo (featured at the top of this article) and some of its content have been updated in order to lose some of the cartoony overtones. Currently, Boss Key is working on a more serious game than early materials showed, so levels and characters have been altered to reflect the tone.

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