Lone Echo – XboxOne

Lone Echo XboxOne

I found that I didn’t get motion sickness even though I was bouncing around the arena, which had big triangular blocks in the middle that we could bounce off of. That was because there was always an intentional attempt to use my hands to move in a particular direction so that my head, hands, and sense of direction never got out of sync. Every now and then, the tracking was slightly off, and I had to try several times to grab something.

At the start of the timed match, we had to maneuver into holes to shoot ourselves out into the arena via a catapult. That was a little hard, as I had to grip the wall and then push a button to activate the catapult. As I flew out, I course corrected with the thrusters and used my hands to grab onto handholds and push in certain directions. If you pulled the hand triggers, you could charge up a punch. Then, I slugged my hand forward in a punch to hit the other virtual players in the face. If I connected with the punch, the players were disabled for three seconds.

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