Omen of Sorrow – Xbox360

Omen of Sorrow Xbox360

A top-down team shooter shooter from Lightbulb Crew, Games of Glory features characters that you’d expect from a MOBA mixed with a shooter. Central to the game are clubs which can be created by the player with a custom logo and skins. It is not only coming to PS4, but PC as well which means you can play with your PC pals and against others. Games of Glory is playable this weekend at PSX 2016 and a PS4 closed beta is expected in early 2017.

By request, Fallen Legion is coming to Vita and it’s bringing a new story along with it. Developed by YummyYummyTummy, in the PS4 version of the game, players guide Princess Cecille, who has reluctantly become the emperor of a dying kingdom. While Cecille is on a quest to restore glory to the crumbling Empire of Fenumia, the Legate is planning to claim the throne.

From Friend & Foe Games comes Vane, and excellent looking atmospheric adventure game which tasks the player with “unraveling the secrets of an unknown land.” Along the way they will need to find their place in it, all the while, pulling at the “threads of the world to make a change.”

STRAFE, the 90s-themed shooter from Pixel Titans, has roguelike elements, randomly-generated levels, crazy enemies, super secrets and “monster closets” looks like a fun retro shooter. Players just need to grab a gun, teleport into a level and start painting the walls red with blood and gore. The game is also Oculus compatible and coming to PC, Mac and “possibly Linux,” as well.

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