Sacred Underworld – PC

Sacred Underworld - PC

Sacred was one of the better action role-playing games to come down the pike in recent years. Released in March 2004, Sacred delivered solid, Diablo-inspired gameplay along with a few innovations thrown into the mix. Approximately 18 months later, we now have Sacred Underworld, the expansion to Sacred. As expected, Underworld delivers some high-level gameplay for Sacred fans as well as a few tweaks, though everything that we liked and didn’t like about the original game remains pretty much the same.

Picking up immediately where Sacred left off, Underworld introduces a new threat, as well as new environments to explore. Basically, Prince Valor was killed in the Pyrrhic victory of Sacred. At the beginning of Underworld, his widow, Vilya, is kidnapped by a monstrous demon. Before you know it, you’re off once again to plow through a ridiculous number of monsters, pick up mountains of gold, and collect a bewildering amount of equipment, all in the name of slaying the latest evildoer.

Since Underworld was designed for high-level characters, you can import your existing Sacred character (so long as he or she is at least level 25), or you can select one of the two new characters introduced in the expansion, the daemon and the dwarf. As with the characters from the core game, the new characters have predetermined genders (the daemon is female, the dwarf is male), but they also start at a very high level, allowing newcomers to jump into the fray immediately without having to build up a new character from scratch. Don’t worry, though–you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to customize your character, thanks to the wide range of equipment and skills that you can select from in the expansion.

One of the nice features of Sacred is the fact that it’s set in a predefined world, unlike the randomly generated levels of Diablo. There’s a real feeling that you’re exploring a coherent world, though you’ll be far too busy slaying monsters to admire the scenery. As with Sacred, everywhere you traverse in Underworld outside of a town is crawling with monsters, ranging from large worms and gigantic mutated antlike creatures to insect-like demons and more. And then there are the humanoid opponents, clad in arms and armor, though it makes no difference, because virtually every type of enemy is able to drop various types of loot. Before you know it, you’ll pack around hundreds of thousands of gold pieces, as well as a several pack mules’ worth of gear.

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