Thor God of Thunder – PS3

Thor God of Thunder - PS3

The curse of the blockbuster movie adaptation has plagued the games industry for more than three decades, but even a history of futility will not prepare you for the digital misery that is Thor: God of Thunder. Every aspect of this slapdash action game is forged in the flames of failure. Amateurish voice acting and woefully outdated visuals serve as flashing red warning lights urging you to avoid this abomination, but it’s the disastrous combat that ultimately punishes anyone unlucky enough to spend time with this awful game. Shallow combat marred by unresponsive controls and a stubborn camera is a recipe for pain, and when you combine those pieces with an unnaturally high difficulty level, it turns the entire endeavor into an agonizing ordeal. Even the biggest fans of Norse mythology and Marvel comics should stay far away. Thor: God of Thunder is a terrible game that has almost no redeeming qualities.

The poorly constructed story contains neither interesting plot developments nor likable characters, though it does have a moral we should all keep in mind: Don’t start the apocalypse. Thor, stubborn god-child that he is, doesn’t heed this simple advice, which makes it difficult to care about the fate of this waste of divine flesh. Thor is joined by his trickster brother Loki and all-mighty father Odin, and you can tell they’re related by how poorly voiced all three characters are. This insipid presentation extends to the visuals as well. Everything is coated in a blurry smear that makes the bland textures look even worse. Sadly, the lackluster environments are one of the high points of this package. Stilted animations give every character the range of a rusty robot, and a terrorizing camera always leaves something important out of the frame. The worst part of the visuals is the stuttering frame rate. Even with the low-rent technology on display, the frame rate still moves in fits and starts that can be downright nauseating before long.

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