Wet – XBOX 360

Wet - XBOX 360

In the first scene of Wet, you slide down a long table in slow motion, smashing through towers of champagne glasses and a giant cake as you gun down thugs who are trying to kill you. Then you leap off the table to fly over a dragon-shaped ice sculpture as you pump bullets into even more goons. After you whip out your sword to finish the last one off, you’ll have killed a dozen enemies in a bloody display of stylish, slow-motion savagery within a few short moments. Wet’s gleefully bloody combat is a combination of high-flying acrobatics and brutal gunplay that is consistently entertaining, despite some rough movement mechanics. And while the seedy plot and cuss-happy characters aren’t anything to write home about, the story is very well paced and propelled by a fiery soundtrack that perfectly suits the over-the-top action. Wet is a high-speed thrill ride that barrels over its own speed bumps and potholes at such a rollicking good pace that you can’t help but have a riotously good time.

The architect of all this destruction is the agile and deadly Rubi Malone. When things go afoul on a job she’s hired to do, she wants payback, and she’s got the skills to get it. Wet introduces you to Rubi’s substantial move set at a measured pace, giving you just enough time to get comfortable with each ability before you unlock a new one. You start out jumping and sliding, but you’ll work your way up to pole swinging, wall jumping, and a host of other acrobatic maneuvers. You’ll use your abilities to traverse a variety of gritty environments as your work your way through the underworld to get at the guys who wronged you. For the most part, navigating is straightforward and fairly easy, though the loose controls ensure that you’ll make your fair share of missteps. If you get stuck, you can hold a button to highlight areas that Rubi can grab onto or run to, which will generally get you on your way. However, some jumps are incongruously tough, and a few sections make your next step frustratingly unclear. You will probably die a bunch of trial-and-error deaths in these parts, and the loading screens along with Rubi’s ugly death grunts get tiresome. But these frustrating bits aren’t frequent, and before too long, you’ll be shooting someone in the face and your mood will undoubtedly improve.

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